Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hearts Of Hope For Becky

Oh my poor neglected blog. Among the other resolutions: get back to the gym, eat healthier, get more sleep (hah!) I have this plan to get back on the blogging bandwagon. This is a perfect opportunity to post because I am helping out a friend with fundraising. You see my friend Becky is battling breast cancer. She's an amazing beautiful and vibrant woman. If you met her you would feel as though you had known her your whole life. She's a loving wife and mother to 4 beautiful and equally loving kids. Her daughter Alyssa watched my kids this summer for me while I worked my "day job". Through our friend Doreen we have come to call this family our friends. Right now, with Becky out of work undergoing chemo, 4 kids from first grade through college, and health coverage that doesn't quite cover; her friends have banded together to try and alleviate some of their financial worries. We want Becky to focus on her courageous fight and not worry about how they are going to pay for her treatment.
Hearts of Hope was born out our love for Becky and all proceeds will benefit her family in her fight against this terrible disease.
Handmade of borosilicate glass in a vibrant bubblegum pink these heart pendants are just in time for Valentine's Day! They come on a Hearts of Hope card ready for giving.
Wear a heart of hope as a visible statement of concern and caring for Becky and for all women that have been personally touched by breast cancer.