Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Rhinestone Heroine

The year was 1973. I was in the second grade at Carl T. Thompson Elementary school in Rumford, RI. In the school yard at recess I was never asked to play jump rope with the girls. Neither was Diane Drake. She was tall girl, probably taller than most of the kids several grades ahead of us. I was small. We were on opposite ends of the growth chart and equally uncoordinated. Jump rope would have provided a mortifying experience for both of us and we were just as happy not to be asked.
David Farias was a little boy that never seemed to fit in with the boys. Instead he sought our companionship in the corners of the playground. Diane and I both liked David. He was a cute little dark haired boy who seemed to enjoy having competing love interests. Batman was the game we played. David, of course, got the starring role. Diane and I argued about who would play his Batgirl and who would have to be the villianess Catwoman. I usually won when I remembered to bring this rhinestone ring to school. My mother had some really mod jewelry from the 60's and this awesome treasure had become mine. David thought it made the best laser weapon! Ha, I had her with the bling. Occasionally I'd let her be Batgirl but then the enemy (me) would have the weapon. By the end of the year I knew David liked me best. He gave me a Linus pin that he had made with a button making kit.
I found this ring recently in my daughter's jewelry box. She is in the second grade so I told her the story of Diane and David and our little triangle. My daughter is one of the girls who would be playing jump rope although now the game is ball. She definitely seems to "fit in" alot better than her mother. She thought it was odd I'd have any interest in playing a boy's game like Batman but she definitely likes the bling. She's thinking of bringing the ring to school to show the girls. She thinks it looks like a ring Hannah Montana would wear. I still happen to think it makes the best laser weapon.

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