Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bead Unplugged

A recent conversation with my kids made me realize how utterly and hopelessly dependant I am on the Internet and my computer. Typically while at baseball practice with my kids I am perfectly happy on a lawn chair with some glass or bead magazines or a good book. However it's early in the season and Mama gets cold real fast on 45 degree days. I knew I was going to be trapped in my car for 2 hours, so on this particular practice last week I brought my laptop in hopes I could "borrow" some Internet from a nearby neighbor or the school in front of the field. I had the following conversation on the way home from practice.
Thomas: (sounding annoyed) "Mom, why were you zig-zagging around the parking lot during practice?"
Me: "I was trying to get Internet?"
Emma: "I thought you were leaving us and I got sad."
Me: "I wouldn't leave you here alone Honey. Mama was just trying to update my Etsy shop."
Thomas: "Well you looked ridiculous, you moved your car like 6 times and then when you got out of the car and looked like you lost something....."
Me: "I'm sorry did I embarrass you?"
Thomas: "Well kinda, I mean Mom you looked kinda unstable"
Me: (Trying not to laugh and feeling a little bad) "Ok next time I'll just read my book."
Thomas: "Did you get it?"
Me: "What?"
Thomas: "Did you steal some one's Internet?"
Me: "Thomas, I didn't steal anything and no I wasn't able to get a signal."
Thomas: "Jake says it's called pirating. Did you pirate any Internet?"
Me: "No, Thomas your mother isn't a pirate."
Thomas: "Oh. Well that would have been kinda cool."
Me: "Ok, I'm a pirate. But not a very good one."
Thomas: "Mom. I think you should just get the I Phone and go back to reading your Twilight book."
Me: "Ok, Thomas I promise. No more computer at practice."
So as you can see I am a hopeless embarrassing case.
I need my kids to remind me to unplug once in a while.


Diana said...

Love this story. And yes, unplugging once in a while is good for you!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely also trying to unplung from my lappie like once in a week, which i find it hard to do sometimes. hehe So i totally understand what you mean. That pouch picture is soo it! Did you make that? Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you and yours! See you in blogging class!

Julie Beck said...

such a cute story