Monday, March 10, 2008


Listen, I'm no lingerer. I have never really seen that word as a good one. I am not the lingering type. I am quick and to the point; a decisive sort. I don't linger in stores. I make my purchases quickly. I rarely slow down. Perhaps that is why I found it particularly challenging to try and figure out where I like to linger after reading a blog entry about it in Artful Blogging. Well I can tell you that I do like to linger behind the torch. There I can slow down enough to more more key...what if I tried this color over that... Yes lingering in my studio is easy. But where else do I like to linger? I like to linger under the covers in my bed early in the morning when my daughter crawls in between my husband and I and shares her first thoughts of the day. I like to linger in the yard on a warm summer's day when the kids are playing nearby. I am usually beading. I like to linger in front of my fireplace. Sometimes if I have to choose between the fire in my living room and the fire in my basement studio, I pick the living room like a moth to the bigger flame. Yes lingering is decidedly good. I have been making a concerted effort to try and slow down and linger in the moment. I think happiness is made up of a million pleasurable moments strung together on a noose of responsibility. I say wear that noose proudly . Life in suburbia for us this past weekend held four basketball games, an acting class and a birthday party. My husband and I split up the duties and moved in tandem criss crossing the state to our assignments. Did I mention it was pouring? Living in the moment-lingering- at each activity was surprisingly enjoyable. Taking an hour outside my daughter's acting class with my bead magazines fueled an entire night of inspiration at the torch. At the birthday party I forced myself to make small talk with another mother and enjoyed getting to know her. The games were bittersweet. They lost the playoffs but won the tournament. I followed every play, watched every basket. As my son would say the win was "sweet". Yup, Lingering. You should try it. Where do you like to linger?

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Art on the Edge said...

ah, lingering... I linger in bed, especially when accompanied by a cat (or three). I linger over hot tea and on the bench in the screened patio room. And I love to linger in bookstore cafes with stacks of inspiration!