Friday, March 14, 2008

New Tricks

The Flaming Hot topic this week is bead photography. That's coincidental because I had a photography lesson Wednesday with the very talented Diana Brennan. Check out her etsy shop dsbrennan. Her work is fabulous. She is a fellow team member on my ARTSINRI street team. This is one of the first pictures taken using all manual settings on my Nikon D-50. Yay me! I'm so excited. I have felt so guilty owning such an awesome camera and using all automatic settings. Why? Because I'm a special kind of stupid and cannot follow the manual that came with the camera. One of my biggest struggles is getting the whole key in focus but Diana taught me how to do that. In return she got lunch and a glass demonstration which was actually another treat for me because she took pictures of me working and she sat through a whole pendant and a key bead!!! I can't get anyone I know to sit with me in my studio for that long lol! This picture was taken indoors using daylight bulbs and a light tent. Pretty cool huh? The best part is this key already sold.

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