Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mrs. Mac's Lavender Bling

"When are you going to name a necklace after me?" my best friend asked casually the other night while watching TV together. "What?" I asked suddenly realizing what she was asking me. "Huh??!" "Yeah" she said coyly "I keep checking that Etsy shop of yours and no Sha". "Ok" I said "I'll do it" with as much resolve as I could muster at 10:30 at night. "Don't forget the bling" she said. "It's not a Sha necklace without the sparkle!" I know, I know and purple too right? I said. "Oh yes, well that goes without saying...she chuckled "and it's not purple it's lavender."This is a great vintage necklace that mixes old with new. It is named after my best friend Sha (never Sharon) and it is very similar to her birthday necklace (except she didn't want any of those "broken watch parts" on hers lol). It's available in "that Etsy shop" of mine right now.

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