Tuesday, February 19, 2008

George Beads

Today I met George. He was a 50-ish gentleman who came to the jewelry warehouse where I was buying some chains for my keys. George is a special needs adult who lives in a group home. He was with his worker. George beads. He loves plastic beads... No glass...those are "work beads"...plastic are for him. Listening to him pick out beads put a smile on my face from ear to ear. He got so excited at all the pretty colors and shapes. He got a little carried away a few times and poured a whole bin into his bag. George loves pearls. His worker was trying to talk him into some other beads but George was set on the pearls. He asked me my name, twice, and showed me his beads. Irene, one of the owners was wearing one of Georges creations. It was a beautiful pastel large pearl necklace. They don't charge George for his beads. He sells his work once a year at a special sale to benefit his center. I showed George my keys and this one was his favorite. He thought the bead looked like candy. George told me he'd remember my name next time he saw me. He said he was going to have large sub sandwich for lunch, not a small one, and then he was going home to bead. I told him I was too.

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