Sunday, February 17, 2008

Unique Me

Things I like: my kids, my marriage, family, my house, my neighbors, good friends, my studio, scrapbooking, taking pictures of my kids, taking pictures of my beads outside in the sun, my Honda pilot, My etsy shop, geocaching, checking my email to see if I have had a sale, little dogs, baby feet, baby bottoms, old keys, borosilicate glass, my torch, chicken Ceasar no croutons, cheese, peanuts and cashews, sterling silver and gems, gunmetal chain, bizarre stories, irony, sarcasm, humor, making jewelry in my yard on a warm summer day while the kids play all around me, my aerobics classes, my camera, my studio, bead magazines, glass magazines, the beach, American idol, Project Runway, the mall, handmade jewelry, clothes, haircuts, pedicures, quirky gift shops, well done beef, diet coke, adult nights out with friends, going out to eat with the kids and my parents, vacations, my 2 days off , going to the post office, the makeup isle in any department store, new lipstick or eye shadow, my Etsy customers,, my RI street team, my Etsy glass artist street team, my online friends, old friends, my kids friends, my locarb lifestyle, staying in a size 2-4, my computer, opening the kiln, cuddling on the bed with my kids, alone time with my husband, having clients tell me I helped them, implosion pendants, smart people, funny people, talented people, steampunk, weird science facts, myths, ghost stories, mysteries, love stories, hip, edgy, being trendy, being entrepreneurial, new ideas, creative directions, analyzing people, diagnosing clients , following rules, frogs, lizards, turtles, the sound of my daughter’s voice, my son’s vocabulary, the scent of pine, the fireplace, a great sale, home decorating shows, animal planet, keeping late hours, torching, a good night’s sleep, girl talk, trivia, singing to the radio, my uncensored comedy station, Family vacations, Christmas, The 4th of July, getting packages in the mail, new glass, hearing I love you from my family, a new outfit, date nights, sugar free jello, DIY, making lists.

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