Saturday, February 9, 2008

Making a Mark

Our 15th wedding anniversary is coming up on April 17th . We are going to be on our first Disney trip with the kids and my parents on that date. I started searching Etsy for the perfect gift for myself because after 15 years I have learned these types of things should not be left up to my husband. Maybe it was the car mats he got me for our first Christmas together. Or maybe it was the endless parade of other utilitarian devices he’s brought home. At any rate 15 is big and Disney is the happiest place on earth right? So a little bling is what I was going for when I happened upon this seller. Artwearbycaron works with sterling silver and beautiful gemstones. I am such a sucker for sparkle that I had a tough time deciding on just one. This is the ring though. It’s really, really beautiful! I peeked when it arrived today. Come on…. I had to try it on…. Right? But now it’s been put away until our trip.
A trip through Caron’s shop is well worth your time too. She was recently featured in a Storque series Love Stories because she had designed an Etsy customer’s wedding ring. It was a sweet story and she really nailed the perfect design for her customer and made a wonderful forever impact in someone’s life with her art. Wow! Isn’t that what we all strive for? And now she’s done it again…


Melissa said...

April 17 is a good day. :) (That's my birthday. Hehehe)
And Disney! I bet you, your hubby and the kids are going to have a blast!
And that ring is GORGEOUS! Holy heck! You are one lucky woman! :)

Venbead said...

thanks so much for your kind words