Tuesday, February 26, 2008

House of Horrors

I just bought this photograph from Erin, a young and new to etsy photographer.(It's the second photo) Her shop has some really cool shots of New England architecture. You must check her out. It's a photo of the remains of the Haunted House ride at Rocky Point. Rocky Point was an amusement park , and shore dinner hall situated along the coast of the Narragansett Bay. The park operated for over 150 years. Then, in 1996, the park closed. With its rides sold off, the park sat as a ghost town until it's remains were torn down in June 2007 to make way for the construction of condominiums. I have alot of wonderful childhood memories of Rocky Point and when I saw this photo I knew I had to tease my brother. The haunted house was the scariest ride in Rocky Point. There's one point where this monster would pop out of the wall and startle the crap out of you. Poor David would have nightmares after every trip to Rocky Point but that wouldn't keep us from going right back into the House of Horrors every time! The first picture is the way the ride looked when I was a kid. It's a promotional photo for a documentary about Rocky Point park called You Must Be This Tall OMG I just found an old radio commercial here:

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