Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Retail Therapy

I have been kind to myself the last week or so, buying new PJ's picking out my own anniversary gift, shopping on Etsy. I really can't seem to shake the winter blahs. Then of course my ring came but I had to put it away for our trip so that didn't quite do it for me. SO, apppealing to the other side of my dual natured Gemini self, I bought this. It's the antithesis of the other ring. Where the other ring is bling and shine this one is earth and grit. I love them both! How is that? McFarland Designs is a beautiful shop too. Filled with silver and cabochon gemstone jewelry. I have such a weakness for sterling and stones. She is also commited to using recycled materials and all her products are vegan, meaning no animal products were used in their creation. So does that mean my retail therapy is good for the earth? Wow I feel better already.

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